Touch Sensors

ClearOhm® coating material provides touch sensors superior optical performance, impeccable transparency and impressive flexibility. ClearOhm inks enable a broad range of conductivities that are unachievable with ITO sputtered on film and allow for faster and more cost effective touch sensor production than existing technologies.

ClearOhm coating material is used commercially to create better-performing films, sensors, touch panels and end-devices including smartphones and All-in-One computers.

Benefits include:

  • Lighter, thinner, stronger and more cost effective than traditional glass-based sensors.
  • Ductile and durable to enable flexible, curved and foldable/rollable devices.
  • High speed, low cost manufacturing that is compatible with existing equipment and established coating methods such as roll-to-roll slot-die coating.
  • Enables transparent film as low as 30 Ohms/square, a requirement for large area touch panels.
  • Enables touch on strengthened glass such as Gorilla Glass without impacting the strength of the glass.