UniDisplay Delivers Lightweight and Ultra-thin Touch Sensors for Consumer Devices

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Nov. 24, 2014 – UniDisplay Inc. (UDI), a professional touch panel maker in Taiwan, today announced that it has produced dynamically flexible touch panels with 9H (high hardness) cover lenses that are lightweight and ultra-thin, ideal for wearable devices. The company’s solution is currently featured in smartphones, tablets as well as several other devices for automotive and industrial control applications, demonstrating UniDisplay’s cutting-edge technology that is available on the market.

“Today’s consumers expect the next generation of devices to not only be thinner, but have higher performance and durability. We are confident our innovative touch sensors will make the future of wearable devices truly wearable,” said S.Y. Lin, CEO of UniDisplay Inc. “Through our strategic partnership with Cambrios, we are able to deliver new possibility of touch solutions, such as the recent mobile and wearable devices on the market, with unprecedented lightness and transparency.”

UniDisplay’s touch solutions offer the distinct advantages of highly versatile touch sensors, and the dynamically flexible devices demonstrate UniDisplay’s leading technologies, as well as high transparency with no pattern visibility. UniDisplay has successfully mass produced and shipped touch screen modules based on UDI’s One-Film-Solution (OFS) using Cambrios’ standard ClearOhm® silver nanowire material. With the ultra-thin OFS touch sensors, UniDisplay now offers a vast selection of products for mobile devices.

Said Dr. Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, chief analyst and industry expert at IDTechEx: “New applications and market trends are changing the requirement landscape of touch panels and devices. The key drivers are trends towards thinness, flexibility and ease of patterning. There’s a large opportunity in the development of devices in a flexible form factor that has the ability to be more robust, lightweight and versatile. UniDisplay and Cambrios are aiming at the right market opportunities in flexible and wearable devices with the recent introduction of flexible touch panels.”

To learn more about UDI technology, please visit: www.unidisplay.com.

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Visit UniDisplay: www.unidisplay.com
Visit Cambrios: www.cambrios.com

About UniDisplay

UniDisplay Inc. (UDI) established in 2007, is a professional touch panel maker. UDI researches, develops, manufactures and markets custom touch panels for a variety of consumer electronics, automotive and industrial applications. UDI’s expertise in touch panel technology together with its highly efficient and flexible production facilities enables it to address the needs of its global customers. UDI’s touch panels on glass and film possess high conductivity coupled with best in class optical performance. Its newest One-Film-Solution (OFS) using silver nanowires is being used in some of the popular mobile phones and tablets worldwide. UDI is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan and supports customers globally.


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