Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED)

Cambrios ClearOhm® coating material can be used to make high conductive and transparent electrodes that enable large area OLED Lighting tiles without the use of metal grids. Transmission for the ClearOhm layer at 10 Ohms/square is greater than 94%.

Cambrios has demonstrated large area (25cm2) OLED lighting tiles with efficiencies > 40 Lm/W using ClearOhm electrodes. ClearOhm electrodes also improve angle dependence of color resulting in improved displays and lighting products.

Benefits include:

  • Low operating voltage
  • Demonstrated higher efficiency than ITO devices
  • Similar lifetimes as ITO devices
  • No angle dependence of color
  • Roll-to-roll manufacturing for lighting
  • Printable formulations to eliminate patterning of anode