Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) & CIGS Solar Cells

ClearOhm® coating material can be used as bottom and/or top electrode in OPVs. Cambrios has also demonstrated effective copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells using its wet-processed ClearOhm material.

Benefits include:

  • Semitransparent OPV’s for building integrated PV in pilot qualification
  • High speed roll-to-roll coating in stripes eliminates the need for patterning and lowers cost
  • High transparency and flexibility even at sheet resistances down to 10 Ohms/square
  • Vacuum deposited pin-tandem cell (>1cm2) on PET with Cambrios ClearOhm electrode
  • Efficiency 8.5 (+/-0.5)% according to Heliatek-internal characterization (similar performance to ITO on PET)
  • High FF, low series resistance, low leakage current

~8.5% Efficiency OPV Cell Using ClearOhm Bottom Electrode demonstrated by Heliatek

Vacuum deposited pin-tandem cell (>1cm2 ) on PET with Ag-nanowire electrode (Cambrios)

Printed Organic Solar Cells

Cambrios makes printable formulations of its ClearOhm coating material. These formulations have been used to make printed OPV cells at VTT Institute in Finland. The performance of the solar cells made with printed ClearOhm layer and OPV layers was similar to the performance of the solar cells on ITO.